I am a writer, contemporary historian, and occasional curator based in south Birmingham.

My Practice

My work stems from a fascination with everyday life, and how ordinary people build meaning in their lives and communities through constructing understandings of the past. This leads me to work a lot of photographs, film and oral histories as well publications produced by grassroots, often ad-hoc voluntary and campaigning organisations of all kinds. Working with these vivid traces of the recent past, and being interested in how they continue to resonate today, often leads me quite naturally to seek out and collaborate with all manner of creative people and community and voluntary organisations which are active today.

If this sounds exciting please do check out the Notebook section of this website, which I have split for ease into key sections based upon my interests such as History and Photography, so as to get a sense of what I am working on now and what I’ve done previously.

How I Work

In my professional life I am lucky enough to be able mix my interest, expertise and experience developing an understanding of the recent past and communicating it to people, with my natural flair for producing moving and effective communications, securing project funding, delivering brilliant projects, and work with clients to create outstanding impact and other kinds of reports. I am a proud portfolio worker just as happy working in and for third sector titans like universities, as I am working with agile Arts Council National Portfolio organisations of all sizes, and on all manner of exciting individual and community based projects.

Should you want to find out more about my work please do check out the relevant section of this website. If you’d like to get in touch, whether about my individual practice, or because you’d like to work together, please do reach out via the Contact page.

I also produce Walk Midlands. A guide to day walks in the English Midlands accessible without a car, for walkers interested in all aspects of the region’s people, landscape and history.